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For a list of references, please contact us at  Tell us who you are  (Lender, Realtor, Homeowner, etc...) and we will forward them to you. Feel free to contact any of them.


Hi Bob, "Thanks for letting me know about our team but you as an appraiser I can say without hesitation are one of the best out there. Thanks for all that you do for us and glad you are working for QVS. Charles E. Mureddu, Managing Director, Quality Valuation Services

“Just got a look at the reviewer’s comments on your the first report that you did for us and she raved about  you and she's actually kind of a somewhat peaky reviewer. So that's good, good, good first report we appreciate the work". Steve Carter JVI Appraisals.

"Mr. Lancaster, I have completed the QA review of the multi-family report above referenced.  There were no corrections needed that I could see, in fact, it was one of the most well-developed and written reports I have witnessed.  Just thought I would inform you of my opinion". Grant Gay, Quality Assurance Specialist Zaio Inc.

"...we have found their work to be exemplary in accuracy and detail which reflects their professionalism and depth of knowledge..." Robert G. Brents, President, Real Estate Group

 "...RDL Appraisal & Realty have preformed numerous appraisals for my firm for both single-family and multi-family property types, consistently completing them in a timely fashon and with utmost professionalism..." President, Robert Mueller, Robert Mueller Associates

 "...their work encompasses all types of lending to include FNMA Conventional and FHA appraisals... ", "...they ensure that they use the most advanced technology...", "...the professional way in which each and every one of my customers has been treated has continued to bring compliments and praise for the work that RDL Appraisal & Realty has done...", Cathy Lein, American Home Lending Group

"Robert, your reports are unreal. That is probably the most well put together 1004D I have ever seen". Appraiser Reviewer Matt Miller - Quality Valuation Services

 "Many, who've been on the lending/broker side of the home industry realize the appraisal is literally the foundation of the loan. As we the buyers, have learned! Therefore, it's of utmost importance to have a solid relationship with an appraiser who truly known the ins and outs of his or her service and you certainly embody these qualities. Your efficiency and professionalism exceeded our expectations. Dare I forget to add patience as well"? Douglas and Stephanie - Home buyers

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